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Inflatable Paintball Bunkers Game consists of two teams and a flag placed in the center of the field. The objective of each team is to capture the flag and hang it at the opposing team’s end. Before this happens you must eliminate the opposition. An elimination occurs when a paintball hits a player. Once a player is eliminated he is out of that round and must exit the field and wait in the designated area, once all players have been eliminated or flag hung the inflatable bunker game is over until next round commences. Strategic planning, risk taking whilst working together and constantly communicating are essential ingredients for your team to succeed.

One Set Inflatable Bunker Game usually includes:

  • Can: This is a large cylindrical bunker that stands in a vertical position. Most are human sized or larger.
  • Rollie: This paintball bunker is similar to a can, only that it is placed horizontally.
  • Dorito: This bunker, named after Doritos chips, is a three side pyramid-like bunker and is placed vertically.
  • Temple: This bunker is similar to a Dorito. It is four sided with its top cut off.
  • X-bunker: As its name implies, this paintball bunker is shaped like an X. This is used solely for a type of paintball game called X-ball.
  • Brick: This bunker is shaped like a low rectangular wall.
  • Dollhouse: This paintball bunker has three faces and two bases. It is longer than it is tall.
  • Carwash: This bunker is shaped like an arch. It is longer than it is wide.
  • Snake: Advertisements
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