All our inflatables comply the European safety regulations UNE-EN 14.960:2014

We deliver your inflatable with the corresponding dossier supporting compliance UNE-EN 14.960: 2014

Choose and customise your Airfull inflatable according to your needs

All Airfull inflatables are meticulously tested to comply with current safety regulations

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We design your bouncy inflatable according to your needs and tastes offers a vast selection of the best quality bounces inflatables and many other inflatable products for your leisure.
All our inflatables can be customised in size, shape, colours, logo, etc. Ask us!
Our bouncys offer a world of fun for kids and adults and we are committed to providing you with imaginatively designed, expertly manufactured and quality assured inflatables.

Choose and customise your Airfull inflatable according to your needs!

  • All inflatables are manufactured with 0.55mm thick Tarpaulin PVC, with fireproof certificate following European directives.
  • The double seams and the reinforcements in the areas that suffer the most guarantee the perfect durability of the product. For aquatic inflatables a thickness of between 0.80mm and 1mm is used, and PVC and TPU for water balls.
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About Airfull Inflatables

Welcome to the amazing world of inflatable games at Airfull Inflatables, your only reliable source for exceptional, premium-quality inflatable jumping products.

Airfull Inflatable is a inflatable manufacturer products that include bounce houses, jumping balloons, water slides, inflatable games, interactive products, water games, and a number of combo units for indoor and outdoor entertainment ventures.

Airfull Inflables is a worldwide manufacturers of high quality inflatable jumpers for sale at affordable prices. We are into the growing inflatable games market and constantly seek to improve quality, design and collaborating with our costumers to return for all their inflatable needs.

All our inflatables comply with the European safety regulations UNE-EN 14.960: 2014 so Airfull Inflatables delivers a supporting technical dossier.

Airfull Inflables mades the inflatables with safe technology, they’re durable and portable so you can set up a jumper in no time without any hassle. Our inflatables are equipped with the latest inflatable safety technology by using warning signs, emergency exits, sturdy netting and robust structural supports.

Delivery of a technical dossier

We deliver your inflatable with the corresponding dossier supporting compliance with UNE-EN 14.960: 2014 regulations.

2-year guarantee on all new Airfull products

We have our own repair service in addition to replacement inflatables and fans so that you can continue working during the repair period.

Compliance with regulations

All Airfull inflatables are meticulously tested to comply with current safety regulations.

Bouncy Inflatable custom design

We design all types of inflatable castles to suit your needs and tastes.

Airfull Inflatables is the registered trademark of all products on the website We have a wide range of bouncy castles and sports and advertising inflatables for all types of marketing or leisure events. All Airfull Inflatables products are distributed throughout the European continent.

We have more than 15 years of experience in the design and manufacture of all kinds of attractions and inflatables for entertainment, where our priority is the full satisfaction and safety of our customers and users of our inflatables. That is why all our products are manufactured with PVC Tarpaulin of a minimum thickness of 0.55mm, with fireproof certificate according to European directives. Although we have pre-designed products, all of them can be customized in shape, colors, theme and corporate logo. Learn more about our products at

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Airfull Inflatables

Airfull Inflatables your inflatable store

Airfull Inflatables wedsite is a online store of attractions Airfull brand that contains floor based and water based inflatable bouncys for the leisure. Overwhelmingly, the range consists of bouncy castles, inflatable games, inflatable obstacle courses, assault courses, big inflatables, event tents & air buildings, inflatable slides, soft play and combi units…

On the water based side, the extend has swimming pool inflatable obstacle courses, aqua runs, inflatable water parks and inflatable water diversions. Included in this witesite, we have bouncy castle start up packages and a collection of inflatable & bouncy castle package deals for professional and commercial rental companies and hirers.

Airfull Inflatables is manufacturer of inflatable and soft play products. Our inflatable & soft play products comply the European safety regulations UNE-EN 14.960:2014. We are famous for the high levels of quality in our industry which makes us one of the bigger inflatable providers in Europe.

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Airfull Inflatables international customers with an express delivery service with Europe shipping. Airfull Inflatables is located in Passeig Germans Nebot, 23, 43330 Riudoms, TGN, SPAIN.


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