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Inflatable Setup & Playgrounds Equipment

A commercial inflatable is not just a plaything for your customers and their guests. It’s a very serious investment (one that could last years) and the first step toward managing your very own business.

Need steel stakes that are made in Spain? Or maybe you’re interested in a waterbag or an inflatable anchor water bag? Or perhaps you just need a protective cover for your inflatable? We have options for every form of event rentals company under the sun and the rain.

To sum up, it’s obviously incredibly important to properly setup and teardown your inflatable assets, and to take measures to protect them through.

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Airfull Inflatables

This Airfull Inflatables segment is the portfolio of attractions Airfull brand that contains floor based and water based inflatable bouncys for the leisure. Overwhelmingly, the range consists of bouncy castles, inflatable games, inflatable obstacle courses, assault courses, big inflatables, event tents & air buildings, inflatable slides, soft play and combi units...

On the water based side, the extend has swimming pool inflatable obstacle courses, aqua runs, inflatable water parks and inflatable water diversions. Included in this section, we have bouncy castle start up packages and a collection of inflatable & bouncy castle package deals for professional and commercial rental companies and hirers.

Airfull Inflatables is manufacturer of inflatable and soft play products. Our inflatable & soft play products comply the European safety regulations UNE-EN 14.960:2014. We are famous for the high levels of quality in our industry which makes us one of the bigger inflatable providers in Europe.

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Airfull Inflatables international customers with an express delivery service with Europe shipping. Airfull Inflatables is located in Passeig Germans Nebot, 23, 43330 Riudoms, TGN, SPAIN.


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