Football Darts

Using velcro footballs, guests take a step back from the board and aim for the bullseye when kicking the ball at the target.
Suitable for children competing against adults, there are a whole host of games that you could play on this huge inflatable.
Inflatable perfect your football aim skills.
Estimated delivery time: 48-72 hours.

Delivery tine 48-72h
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1.250,00 (Taxes not include)

Available on backorder

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Weight60 kg
Dimensions4 × 0.5 × 4 m

PVC 0.9mm

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  • Surface: 4m.
  • Hight: 4m.
  • Max power: 650W



  • Blower/s required
  • Transport bag
  • Hold Tapes for Storage
  • CE Certified
  • 21% Vat included
  • 2 year Airfull Warranty

1 Blower

1 Piece

50 Kgs.

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Football Darts

1.250,00 (Taxes not include)

Available on backorder

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